The jump from college to your first working role can feel like a leap. Brambles had built a Graduate Development Program to help their new recruits hit the ground running – and they knew coaching was the perfect support system as these grads got up to speed. Take a closer look at how they did it.

Raise your bar.

Professional coaching with measurable performance.

Here’s the jumpstart your company has been looking for. Re-engage your team with personalized, scalable coaching. It’ll help them see a brighter future for themselves to strengthen the company for the long run.

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Why coaching works

As opposed to other training tools and platforms that companies invest in (e.g., e-learning, online courses, learning experience platforms), coaching enhances and supports your team members in being active participants in their growth and knowledge.

In basic terms, coaching is a one-to-one performance tool proven to increase an employee’s engagement with their own career path. Better yet, professional coaching with EZRA offers your company the ability to track progress against individual and organizational goals.

Here’s the clearest way to put it. Everyone.

Coaching is no longer just for the executive suite. Any member of your organization can benefit from coaching by increasing their confidence, resilience and engagement. What’s more, HR professionals can raise their profile within an organization by establishing a coaching culture, which can unleash the potential of the employees that participate.

Who benefits from coaching?

Coaching for current and future leaders

Easy to use, all-in-one shop for all things coaching

What EZRA brings to the table

Conveniently link to your calendar to set meetings and get reminders

Personalized experience with hand-picked podcasts, articles and more

Follow your progress through the coaching experience

Complete a seamless, easy assessment after each session

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The best people make the best coaches.

Our coaches will strive to make a positive, lasting impact on your team members. They’re well-established, trusted professionals that have seen it all and done it all. Once a coachee sets their goals, they can select from three coaches with that particular expertise.

Plus, as part of a virtual global network, EZRA coaches live around the world – so no matter where your company is, there is a coach ready to meet your team.

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How EZRA can help your organization.

The world has changed a lot since 2020. Companies have become particularly strained in a wide range of areas. Along with giving your employees the outlet to grow and succeed, here are just a few of the things EZRA can help your team with:

Retaining Employees

Our Wellbeing program is designed to create a healthier, happier organization. It provides your team members the tools to create a better work/life balance and feel a better sense of purpose.

Implementing Change

We all know how challenging change can be. EZRA coaches are here to help you take on each challenge with renewed vigor and resolve.

Developing Leaders

Our leadership program can provide your best performers with the right tools to hone their skills, and eventually advance into executive positions.




Grow employee retention

Increase loyalty through improved outlooks

Grow your business’ productivity

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"We have had a high level of engagement, motivation and inspiration through our workforce this year. It’s something I don’t think we would have been able to achieve without EZRA."

Chris Scott
Director of Talent, Nestlé

"The EZRA team really understood our vision for what we wanted the program to achieve and were really responsive in helping us customize the program and the goals."

Lynn Watkins
Director, Talent Development,
Corus Entertainment

"As we stepped into our new business transformation, we knew that we wanted to invest in our people."

Stacey Johnson 
Head of Leadership and Culture, Kraft Heinz

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To us, the beauty  of EZRA comes through how we customize our programs to fit with your company’s objectives while tracking your progress. Plus, to help simplify your day to day, we’re proud to bring coaching into the digital age with benefits that include:

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Creating tomorrow's leaders today

These companies have already established a coaching culture with EZRA.

Great leaders have one thing in common: they know how to motivate their team. Still, when they need to be motivated, who’s going to push them? Glad you asked.

EZRA coaches help team leads and executives hone any of six core leadership skills: communication, leading change, developing self, emotional intelligence, influence and leading for inclusion. The coach can tailor a plan to each individual to build their confidence to move forward and up in an organization.

We help the world's largest brands bring the best out of their teams. Let us show you how coaching can bring measurable results to take your business to the next level.