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Mastering The Hybrid Working Culture

We need to recognize that we are carrying baggage and luggage right now as we tentatively edge towards opening up our office spaces. 

The baggage is the old habits and patterns we’d be happy to drop forever; the presenteeism, long commutes five days a week, trying to concentrate in a loud office when everyone cuts across your chain of thought…. You know the stuff.

But there is also luggage. These are the cherished aspects of working together that we have carefully stowed away and can’t wait to unpack again, putting them back where they belong. 

Impromptu coffees that spark new ideas; learning from one another by osmosis, spotting when someone needs a shoulder to cry on; sharing a joke; laughing more; seeing who’s last to leave and first to arrive and checking they’re ok.

Working together is also being together, something fundamentally human. Even as a tech company with a virtual product, we recognize that you can’t do everything online - all the time. 

It’s time to find a new balance.

Support Your Leaders

Support leaders navigate the period where we transition out of lockdown

Generate A Sense Of Confidence

Generate a sense of confidence in those around you, creating that buzz and belief you need to move forward

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Shape a direction for the future that will combine everything we’ve learned in the last 18 months with everything we hope for

At Ezra, we believe organizations can achieve more if they give coaching superpowers to everyone – so we’ve made it as easy as booking tickets online or messaging a friend. 

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Get Ready To Return

Get the organization ready for a return to the office, keeping the best of what we’ve learned during lockdown

Craft Your Company's Communications 

Get the messages right about what we hope for and expect as the world begins to get back to “normal.”

Help People See The Difference They Make

Transmit passion with understanding, enthusiasm with care, creating the energy with a clear story about the future

We want to help leaders navigate creating a productive, wholesome, inclusive working environment off the back of a global pandemic.